Jumping and Kicking

Oh wow. Saw the date of my last post? Yeah. It was eons away and I am just ashamed that I dared start a blog then forget about it. This should have been my online diary. But these months just took a toll on me. Biology stuff is painstaking. But persistence is a virtue. While … Continue reading Jumping and Kicking


“They’re singing ‘Deck the Halls’…”

Just arrived home after strolling our City's major shopping mall and being given a gift by my parents. I should point out that this is the first Christmas where I have not received any gift from godparents and the like. But I'm not feeling bad. I think I had experienced a richer Christmas because of … Continue reading “They’re singing ‘Deck the Halls’…”


I decided to keep this blog. Will do things very soon.And Dinagyang Festival is coming near. Gotta flood this blog with pics from that event. But, you may visit these posts for more info about Dinagyang:https://ianleojinside.wordpress.com/2011/01/26/hail-to-the-queen-of-philippine-festivals-iloilo-dinagyang/https://ianleojinside.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/dinagyang-a-religious-history/https://ianleojinside.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/dinagyang-2011-in-youtube-view-the-ati-ati-tribe-competition/Happy reading

I Changed My Blog Address

After nearly one year of having "anjoeliisachristian.wordpress.com", I needed to move to a new blog name. I'm still sticking with wordpress. Not that I'm not a Christian anymore but my posts are sometimes not linked directly to the philosophy and religion. But worry not, Christianity posts will still be available. Meanwhile, read my posts; they're … Continue reading I Changed My Blog Address

New Generation Bills – Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Again, I present the new generation of Philippines bills. I deleted the post I did back then. Here, I'm posting the pics again.My opinion against it is still intact. Euro design, USDollar security, Photoshop layout, and poor scientific research. Add to that the insult to the Philippine writing, baybayin, which was presented half and half. … Continue reading New Generation Bills – Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Missed Blogging: A Full-time Student Once Again

I forgot about updating this blog for quite some time. I observed many things happen and the pictures I have posted were quite damaged because of the transferring of where I uploaded them online. O'm trying hard to repair them as of the moment. ;)I didn't know student life (biology student life) would be like … Continue reading Missed Blogging: A Full-time Student Once Again

What were the must-have toys when you were a kid?

I am getting very excited about these pre-prepared topics from wordpress that I forget what I intended to write after my recent post. I am very grateful to wordpress.com and I still think wordpress is the best platform ever. Saving up to use wordpress on my own domain! Pray for me!When I was still a … Continue reading What were the must-have toys when you were a kid?