Who? Me?

I always wanted to be a blogger. At the very first time I heard about blogging (which was when I was in First Year High School) I kind of envied those bloggers who have stable source of inputs to their blogs. This one, I have made in 2008, and left it after putting in one post

But things do change if you grow. My name is IAN, and I am a CHRISTIAN. I Am Nothing without CHRIST! This blog is firstly and ultimately devoted to my Lord for the benefit of His glory and fame. My freedom of speech may only be second. My liberality may be third. But is this bad?

Liberal is broad-mindedness and it should be a quality of a Christian. Well, that would be for me. Liberty never said that you should be accepting to all things, good and evil, but instead cater them in your mind for you to choose whichever is right. This is brought to me by my belief in free will. And I never said I am too accepting. Judge me by my words; but remember, you will never know me unless you will “know” me!

This is the output of what is inside of me. Thus, “Leoj’s Output From the Inside”. If you were following my blog ever since, you may have seen the evolution of its url. I really want to stick ti this on. May “https://ianleojinside.wordpress.com” give you the knowledge and factlets of life according to my “insides”.

Creative Commons License
Leoj’s Output by Leoj Gumban is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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